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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous martial arts experience to train Wing Chun?
A. Not at all, we take any level from complete beginner to seasoned martial artist.

Are there any age limits to learning with the WCK UK?
A. The East Grinstead private class teaches from 16 upwards.

Can I train with a friend?
A. Yes, at East Grinstead we offer one to one lessons, or small groups, we offer a discounted rate for training with a friend.

What will I learn with the WCK UK?
A. You will learn the authentic Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu System, complete with all motto’s, forms, theory and weapons.

Whats skills will I learn?
A. Apart from the complete system you will learn self defence, gain confidence, promotes flexibility, fitness and well being and is a great stress buster.

Do I need to be physically fit to start training?
A. We will work with anyone starting from any fitness level, and help them achieve the best results for that person.

Do I need Any special clothes to train Kung Fu?
A. For your first lesson all you need is some comfortable clothing as if you were going to the gym. Later on uniform will be provided by the WCK UK.

Is there an intimidating atmosphere for beginners?
A. Absolutely not, the class is orientated to learning, and will be run at the students pace.

Will I get hurt?
This is very unlikely, all our classes are run in a safe, professional friendly manner.

Is there a grading system in the WCK UK?
A. Yes grading provides a structure for learning, and is a good way of measuring your progress.

Is Wing Chun effective?
A. Wing Chun is taught to Military Units and Special Forces in the USA, Europe and all around the world.

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